Change Is Good – Especially When It Comes To Your Logo

“You cannot change what you refuse to confront.”
~Author Unknown

“It isn’t subjective. I hear that all the time. “It’s a matter of taste. My logo is fine.” Actually, it isn’t a matter of taste. It’s a matter of knowledge and expertise. If design isn’t your specialty, how do you know if your logo doesn’t look dated or too busy or silly, or whether the font choice is right? The art of logo design is a tricky one. Only a few master it, and as a marketer, you’re probably not one of them. Find and trust a great designer to create or recreate your mark. It will be well worth the investment.”

That excerpt was taken from an article titled: Go Ahead, Change That Ugly Logo from which this blog entry was inspired by. I’ve had a client that I’ve been working with for about 14 years. I had always hinted that maybe we could update his company logo and he always refused. Your logo is like your baby, it represents everything about your company. Therefore, telling a client that their logo needs updating is a touchy subject. You need to go about it in the right way. Usually, it’s harder for a client to sit back and look at their logo from an outside perspective than an actual outsider. He had had the same one for many years…his product and business was evolving but his logo was staying the same. His logo needed to change to reflect the changes in his company. It didn’t need a complete makeover, just a few touch ups. Finally, about four years ago, he allowed me to make a change to his logo. 
Just recently, that same client came across the Go Ahead, Change That Ugly Logo article. After reading it, he passed it along to me and thanked me for convincing him that his logo needed updating. The point of this blog entry and the logo article is that one shouldn’t be scared to change their logo. Change is good. Without it, everything would stay the same and
you certainly don’t want your company to stay the same forever- you want it to grow and succeed. You also shouldn’t take criticism of your logo personally. If you do hire a designer to update your logo and marketing materials- you need to be open to change. The designer isn’t trying to knock your logo, they don’t think it’s poorly designed, they’re just trying to help you keep it as good as it can be. So if there’s a chance you think your logo might be getting stale…take a step back and consider changing it up, even if it’s only a small tweak! 
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Below are some logo designs that we found while reading other blogs, these came from The Worst Bad, Ugly, & Horrible Designs. What do you think, are they bad logos?

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