Happier Than a Camel on Wednesday

GEICO: How Do They Come Up With This Stuff?

We would love to be a fly on the wall during the GEICO advertising meetings. Their ad campaigns are made up of some of the silliest, most random ideas that turn out to be highly effective! Above is one of the latest GEICO commercials, Happier Than a Camel on Wednesday. If you have not yet seen this which is almost entirely impossible due to the number of times it’s shown on television, do yourself a favor and watch it now. You WILL get a laugh. Whether it’s due to the lackluster expressions on the actors faces or the overpowering voice of the talking camel, this commercial works. The overwhelming amount of views on YouTube, the fact that #HappierThanACamelOnWednesday is trending on Twitter, and the number of people who post the commercial to their social media outlets on Wednesdays are all proof of the commercial’s success. We just would love to know how the GEICO team came up with the idea for this? How did their creative thought process of a new ad campaign turn to talking camel? It’s meetings like that that we would love to sit in on!

While watching television the other night, flipping between channels, I realized that more than half of the commercials I saw were GEICO commercials – and not the same one – GEICO commercials of all sorts. I had forgotten just how many ad variations they have created! The most recognized of the GEICO campaigns might be their “spokesperson” the GEICO gecko. Viewers love his soft spoken British accent, and of course, the fact that he is a talking lizard. But how about the piggy one, “did the little piggy scream wee all the way home?” This is also a strangely funny GEICO ad. It’s evident that GEICO likes placing animals in their commercial which makes sense as statistically ads and images with animals in them are more memorable to people than not. Another recent one was “Did You Know Some Owls Aren’t That Wise?” featuring two owls in a tree. But not all of GEICO’s commercials feature talking animals, some feature vampires. We can’t forget about the “Dracula At a Blood Drive” one where Dracula is, indeed, at a blood drive. So what is the strategy behind the GEICO  commercials? Who is responsible for thinking them up? (We would LOVE to meet that person!) While we can’t be sure, we can guess that GEIC’s plan of action is to create commercial campaigns that will get stuck in people’s head, whether it’s a catchphrase, a jingle, or a talking animal. These types of commercials are the ones that generate buzz between people via word-of-mouth and social media. It helps that GEICO as so many different variations (around 19 to be exact) because more people are apt to see the ads and then talk about it to their friends and hopefully, for GEICO’s sake, remember the name when they go to buy car insurance. Hey, it must be working somewhat- their ads struck us enough that we are writing a blog article about them!

This GEICO commercial (above) was born in 2008 and features the caveman doing “jazz hands” and “the hustle” proving that he’s just like the rest of us. It’s another example of an unconventional ad campaign that GEICO is now famously known for.

To see a compilation of all of the GEICO commercials in a row, click here. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and prepare to laugh…and be really perplexed.

What’s your FAVORITE GEICO commercial? Leave us a comment or tweet it to us @DoubletakeStudios.

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  • We totally agree! Something about the camel’s voice…”Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, guess what day it is” makes us want to watch it over and over. We even wish it was longer! We look forward to Wednesday’s because we know it will be aired the most on that day.

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