Fresh Coffee ReBrand Anyone?

Move over Starbucks, its time – Eight O’Clock Coffee time. While I knew this brand had been around for as long as I can remember (and personally my coffee of choice first thing in the morning), I had no idea that the brand was over 150 years old! Since 1859, Eight O’Clock Coffee has been percolating its way into our hearts and coffee mugs, proving once again you’re never too OLD to get a NEW look. No double caramel macchiato with fat-free creamer in a venti please, how about some good ole French Roast in a mug?
The flagship of the rebrand features the new “red bag” design that will be rolled out into the retail market over the next two months. The package features a more contemporary, updated look.  For those inclined to designer beans, they will be adding some new coffee varieties that will be mainstays in addition to some seasonal flavors like Chocolate Cherry and Cinnamon Bun.
After a seven-year hiatus from television advertising, Eight O’Clock Coffee has decided to launch its first television campaign in seven years. The company has started a sweepstakes and social media blitz that includes cause-related event participation. The refreshed brand has been integrated throughout their new marketing, starting with a new website design. The TV and social media sweepstakes will coincide with airing of New York Fashion Week 2013 fashion showcase STYLE360 in September.
During the event, designers will showcase handbags inspired by the new Eight O’Clock Coffee red package design where the company is offering a grand prize of a trip to New York Fashion Week in February 2014 during the “Spot the Red Bag” sweepstakes. Consumers can enter by snapping a photo of any red bag — including one of the brand’s new coffee bags, one of the Red Bag Collection handbags shown at Fashion Week 2013, or one they spot on the street — and uploading it to their (non-private) Instagram accounts with the hashtag #SpotTheRedBag.
The TV spots are scheduled to air in markets representing app. 48% of the brand’s volume (Tampa, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Denver and Cincinnati) and will feature scenarios in which coffee lovers “put coffee first.” This brings me back to what I love about Eight O’Clock Coffee in the first place. It’s good, honest tasting coffee. No fake flavors or overly phony smelling scents that waft through your kitchen. Ahhhhh, I can wake up and smell the coffee now!
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