Your Business Needs to be APPessible This Year


Mobile apps are like weeds sprouting up in the fertile grounds of social media and 24/7 wifi. In 2014, Statista reported that both Google Play and the Apple App Store had over one million apps available. To build off of that Nielson’s research showed that on average most of us use about 20-30 different apps a month. If you thought the mobile app craze was going to fall away like some seasonal trend, prepare to be surprised.

Big businesses like Target, Publix and most banks now have mobile apps that allow their customer to access coupons, news, and specialized services. Of course we also know the big hitters like Facebook that reported an average of 745 million mobile daily active users in December 2014, and Twitter that reported roughly 288 million monthly active users with 80% of that being from mobile, but what about small businesses?

In the local Tampa Bay area small but hotly popular businesses like Datz and Kahwa Coffee have both released mobile applications that highlight their menu, offer special deals, and allows their patrons to check-in with the business on the go. For my own business, Doubletake Studios’s mobile app lets clients interact with our updated digital portfolio and easily contact us.


Having a mobile-friendly website and having a mobile app fill different purposes. People download apps for fun, for greater ease and simplicity, and for special service or deals. In a time where there’s an app for every subject—Food: Yelp, Urbanspoon; Transportation: Uber, Lyft; Health: WebMD, NikeTraining; Finance: Mint, Venmo—independent businesses should consider putting up modest and brand-emphasizing apps that will reconnect them with consumers.

Some popular apps like Instagram and Hotel Tonight are uniquely built to only be fully accessible by mobile technology. The Internet and the expanding app world are two different tools where the bridge and sharing of information between them hasn’t been fully negotiated. In the meantime, businesses big and small need to look to provide for both.

Personally, we’re looking forward to the day where we can search for apps by location so it’ll be even easier to find businesses and new services specific to our daily lives. What’s your favorite mobile app?

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