Doubletake Studios Pairs Up with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo to Help Protect Penguins


October 11th was African Penguin Awareness Day; it highlights the only species of penguins that live along the temperate South African coast, but whose numbers have dwindled dangerously in recent years to the point of now being Endangered.

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is working with Doubletake Studios to dive into the “Help Protect African Penguins” campaign, an initiative to raise $300,000 to defend these special seabirds from extinction by expanding the Zoo’s penguin chick nursery.

Doubletake Studios has worked with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo for over 15 years to represent their diverse animal collection and their hard work to safeguard these species.

“Doubletake Studios has been an incredible partner for the Zoo in strategically communicating our mission to the community – to connect people with the living earth. Doubletake Studios truly understands our brand and helps us create award-winning campaigns tailored to the unique needs of our organization,” said the Zoo’s Senior Manager of Marketing, Jason Davis.

The new “Help Protect African Penguins” campaign prioritizes little known facts about the Zoo’s penguin population. For example, the Zoo maintains the ONLY breeding group of African penguins in the state of Florida, and they currently have six breeding pairs and three juveniles. Images of a newborn chick and the future hatchling center are included to help actualize this dream for the public.

africa penguin baby(smaller)

Since 2001, the Zoo has successfully hatched eight chicks, but in the wild there are less than 20,000 breeding pairs remaining; a staggering loss from the 141,000 pairs that were recorded only 50 years ago. A larger nursery is crucial to supporting a true rookery (penguin colony) that can give African penguins a flipper up from further loss.

Doubletake Studios is proud to help Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo spread awareness on how very different these pint-sized penguins are compared to their Antarctic cousins and their serious need for help. Anyone can donate, adopt a penguin, or make a purchase in the gift shop to support the “Help Protect African Penguins” campaign, and send social media support to #LovePenguins.


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