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Why Social Media is the new Public Relations

Social media is public relations. There! I said it.

Right now, we’re on top of a trend where public relations (PR) plays a role in social media in an entirely different way. Not long ago we received the bulk of our information via traditional means. It could have been a newspaper, television broadcast, or magazine article. In the last decade, social media has rocketed to the forefront, yet remains a mysterious concept to clients as well as the corporate world.

Social media is the new nomenclature. It appears easy enough, but ultimately it’s the new age of public relations, using the latest vehicles to inform, educate or persuade in the quickest, most efficient ways possible. Instead of waiting for the evening edition of a breaking story, social media is instantaneous. It’s global.

 Don’t think this is powerful stuff?

Courtesy of NPR

Image Courtesy of NPR

Consider how the power of sharing information via Twitter alerted the citizens of Egypt about the current political crisis simply through the lightning fast sharing of information in real time via mobile devices. It’s breakthrough technology! Now via the Internet, a post, a tweet, or blog are just a handful of methods to distribute information.

With attention spans shrinking to nanoseconds, our information gathering methods have evolved. How we receive our information has morphed into a series of blogs, Tweets, YouTube videos, Facebook posts or LinkedIn comments. What was a traditional interview or article can now be compressed into short cliff notes of 140 characters composed as tweets. All are forms of public relations: other options to deliver news, make a point or tell a story.

When working with clients, they often ask how to get involved with social media.
The clients realize they’re getting left behind, but don’t know how to go about maximizing these resources. Anyone can set up a Facebook page, a Twitter page, or LinkedIn page for free. This doesn’t mean they know how to use these evolving tools for optimum results.

Managing those pages and composing the content to create a company look and voice on the client’s behalf is critical. Knowing how to help a client use this new public relations to communicate and cultivate dialogue with their audiences is key. Now, you can share the latest visual imagery or video clips readily and easily. You can also receive instant feedback, both good and bad. Clients can target their product or service precisely. New business opportunities can be acquired (that may otherwise have been missed) with the back end data that is available.

We might take different routes to deliver and communicate the client’s message – but one thing is for sure – social media is here to stay.

Welcome to the new public relations, socially speaking.

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