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Prepare Your CakeFace…Twinkies are Coming Back!


Fans of the delicious spongecake, cream-filled snack, Twinkies, can relax. They are set to make a comeback next month. In case you don’t remember, Twinkies got taken off the shelf last year when the company who makes them, Hostess, filed bankruptcy. They are calling it the “sweetest comeback in the history of ever,” but how long will it last? Apollo Global Management bought […]

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Designed in America

Apple Design

People always want to know, “Was it made in the United States?” The discussion between outsourcing work from the United States to outside countries is a hot topic. A majority of big companies have their products made in other countries because it is the cheapest route to go. Therefore the term, Made in America, seems like a saying of the far, far […]

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Let’s Get Social!


Are you getting the most out of your social media experience? Do you want more from your social media? At Doubletake Studios, we’ve spent the past two years developing techniques to supercharge your social network, build your social presence, and target your ideal customer. Our social package is designed to help your business properly use social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, […]

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Nestle “Resource” Water – Made for High-Income, Trendy Women

Watch the Nestle Commercial Just when you think you’ve about heard all of the products that are “environmentally friendly” and aimed towards a specific demographic, Nestle launches Resource water. Resource water, like other water brands out there such as Vitamin Water, is a water filled with electrolytes. *It is made for high-income, trendy women and promises that it will be the water […]

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Commercial Controversy Featuring Pamela Anderson


 This isn’t the first time a commercial featuring former Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson, has sparked controversy. Three years ago, a print ad by PETA featuring a scantily clad Anderson inked up as different pieces of meat was banned in Canada. The new controversy- a commercial for Crazy Domains where a male co-worker fantasizes and lusts after Anderson and another female […]

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Myspace Making a Comeback!


As if there aren’t enough social media sites out there- Myspace is now making a comeback. They’ve allegedly spent $20 million dollars on their new ad launch campaign. For those of you who don’t remember, Myspace originally launched in August of 2003 and was all the hype for quite awhile before Facebook became the next big thing. Myspace is very similar to […]

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