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Continuum Has It “All Put Together”

Continuum Logo

Every town has its boutiques where you can find designer labels and unique pieces that you won’t find in the mall- but Continuum does it a little bit differently. Located in Lake Mary, Florida, Continuum carries high-end name brands and personalized service. Continuum delivers immaculate customer service at the store as well as bringing customer service to your door by offering home […]

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Branding Yourself – Celebrities Do It, So Can You

Brand Yourself

Pictured above are the Kardashian women. Well most of us love to hate them, you can’t argue that they are extremely famous and extremely successful. “For what?” most people say. The answer: they know how to successfully brand themselves.  I use the Kardashians as an example because they are well known. Kim Kardashian knew of her peer, Paris Hilton’s, overnight fame after an “accidentally” […]

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Social Media Advertising – Why It’s Smart

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Based on statistics, social media is here to stay. While some people beg to differ, utilizing social media is an excellent way to advertise your business (or yourself, but we’ll touch on that later). Take, for instance, this statistic featured on the image to the right: “71% of social media participants say they are more likely to purchase from a brand they […]

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Campaigns That Count – Crowdwise

Global Forum

Help Make a “World of Difference” in a Woman’s Life There are fundraisers created everyday for numerous charities, organizations, and benefits. Sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter help people raise funds for various projects including books, movies, and documentaries through the use of availability to promote their project online and have it reach a large amount of people.    Another […]

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Using Promotional Items To Your Business Advantage

Oven Mit Cover Photo1

Promotional items are often forgotten or overlooked in marketing budgets and they shouldn’t be! There are tons of different ways to use promotional items to your business advantage. Pictured above is a customized Doubletake Studios neoprene oven mitt with the slogan, “Hot Ideas Fresh From The Creative Oven!” Oven mitts don’t have anything to do with our business, yet we […]

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The Right’s, Wrong’s, and Moral Dilemmas of Branding


Every company’s product has a target audience. Having a target audience is essential for branding your product. It helps you to do research on knowing what your audience likes, needs, and desires. Marketing to a specific target audience is a given. For example, Iams pet food company is going to market their product to pet owners, pet stores, and veterinary offices as […]

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