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The Best Campaigns Share A Story Not A Sale

The Best Brands Share A Story Not A Sale

The saying goes that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but in the world of advertising and marketing it matters what those words are actually saying. A “thousand words” from the ramblings of your grandmother’s eccentric neighbor isn’t going to be valued in the same way, as say, a significant speech like the Gettysburg address. Photography is the same […]

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Doubletake Studios Shines in Platinum and Gold with 2015 Hermes Awards

2015 Hermes small

Doubletake Studios, a boutique marketing and PR firm based out of Tampa Bay, FL, was honored with one Platinum Award and three Gold Awards by the 2015 Hermes Creative Awards. The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition across the fields of writing and design, advertising, marketing, and public relations honoring “the messengers and creators of traditional and emerging media.” […]

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Doubletake Studios Pairs Up with Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo to Help Protect Penguins


October 11th was African Penguin Awareness Day; it highlights the only species of penguins that live along the temperate South African coast, but whose numbers have dwindled dangerously in recent years to the point of now being Endangered. Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is working with Doubletake Studios to dive into the “Help Protect African Penguins” campaign, an initiative to raise […]

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Football Season is Among Us Which Means…

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 3.23.42 PM

Advertising companies are gearing up for Super Bowl advertising! Though the Super Bowl still seems far off to most, advertising execs need to begin brainstorming, pitching, and scheduling productions for their ads this early. Not everyone can afford to advertise during the Super Bowl though. During the 2013 Super Bowl, to run a 30-second ad on CBS, it reportedly cost […]

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Are Commercials Funnier With Top Celebs In Them?

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.48.55 PM

Think about your favorite commercials. Do any of them feature celebrities? Chances are the answer is yes. With celebrity endorsements and celebrities as spokespeople for big brands, it’s uncommon not to see a commercial with a celebrity in it nowadays. For example, have you ever heard of the skincare product, Proactiv? While Proactiv does use some “regular” people in their […]

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Don’t Get Stuck…

cowboy copy

 Don’t Get Stuck…Being A Sitting Duck! This is an ad campaign that we created for Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. Here’s a little information about the company: Kawasumi Laboratories America, Inc. (KLA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kawasumi Laboratories, Inc. (KL), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. KL and has been providing high quality, cost-effective, medical supplies worldwide since 1957. Located in Tampa, FL, […]

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