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The Right’s, Wrong’s, and Moral Dilemmas of Branding


Every company’s product has a target audience. Having a target audience is essential for branding your product. It helps you to do research on knowing what your audience likes, needs, and desires. Marketing to a specific target audience is a given. For example, Iams pet food company is going to market their product to pet owners, pet stores, and veterinary offices as […]

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‘This is Water’ Why People Can’t Stop Watching This Video…


I subscribe to a lot of advertising and design newsletters, reading them whenever I have a spare moment which is few and far in between. I am thankful that one of today’s headlines caught my attention. It read: “The Video People Can’t Stop Watching, ‘This is Water’, over 1,000,000 views in one day” or something along those lines. For some […]

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